Earn Money with Network Marketing with out any Investment

Just do little tasks and earn daily 3 to 10 $. It is very easy and less time consuming earning plan.

Verification of your ID Card Number:

After Upload Complete they will verify ur ID Card.
Start Earning.

Free Bronze - 15 ads for 3$  
Booster $ 399 - 10 ads for 5$ 
Silver $ 899 - 15 ads for 8$ 
Gold $ 1499 - 8 ads for 10$ 
Platinuim $ 2999 - 7 ads for $ 5.70 each 
Visionary $ 5999 - 5 ads to $ 16 each

This fee is mandatory for all packages, and this balance allows it to be used on purchases of products and upgrades, which is what all bronze members should do as soon as they accumulate $ 399 in Captive balance + Accumulated balance. 
Bronze - pay fee of $ 40 
Booster - pay fee of $ 60 
Silver - pay fee of $ 80 
Gold - pay fee of $ 100
Platinuim - pay fee of $ 120 
Visionary - pay fee of $ 140

Our opinion is yes , it will take time to get there but the only thing you have to lose is your time .
As a Bronze member you earn $15 per week which of about $60 per month which is deducted $40  of the monthly fee for Captive balance , getting in to the initial balance $20 and $40 in captive balance, in just over 6 months and 2 weeks you can upgrade to Booster, with $240 balance in captive balance and about $170 in the initial Balance .

With the Booster pack will now earn $25 a week and $115 a month and now pay a monthly fee of $50 to Captive balance, passed just over the next 4 months the possibility of requesting first payment .

In short deadlines , if you choose the passage for Free Bronze to Booster pack :
At the 6th month - buy upgrade Booster
At the 10th month - has racked up $300
At the 12 Month - requests payment of $300 for the 10 month period of 60 days after there gains becoming freed;
At the 15th month - has accumulated over $300
At the 17 Month - requests payment of $300 for the 12 month period of 60 days has passed after gains ;
At the 18 Month - Booster Pack renews it will have $600 in captivity until the balance or may choose not to ask for a payment of $300 and invest it for the Silver package ;
At the 21 Month - Have accumulated over $300
At the 23 Month - requests payment of $300 for the 20 month period of 60 days has passed after gains ;
At the 24 Month - Have accumulated over $200

Basically received as a free member in 2 years $900 with still $200 on libertagia balance and $300 in captive balance . If you can create network or invest the gains will be much larger , but never invest more than you would be willing to lose.

If you wish to quit can always use your balance in libertagia products GiaGifts ( prize draw ) , ClickPlus (purchase visits to your site ) among others .

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Just Signup and Receive Coins Daily BTC,LTC,Feather,Doge etc.

Dear friends,
You know every one is earning BTC's. Today i am sharing a great site which gives you a free coins on daily bases just after registration on that site.

This site is a multi-coin faucet with wallet like features giving different free coins on daily basis to all subscribed members. Here is a list of coins.

Litecoin:  LTC
FeatherCoin:  FTC
Bitcoin:  BTC
FedoraCoin:  TIPS
InfiniteCoin: IFC

see below image for more Coins

Click on Registration Button and become a member of this site:

Don't forget to verify your e-mail. When you signup they send you a verification e-mail. Check your inbox and click on verification link. Now you done and start earning,

Coins every day. There is no limit.

Upon signingup you will receive a referral link. share this linkk to your friends and thier commission.

More you reffer , more you earn upto 7 levels.

Also you can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multiplier of 5%, 10% upto 1250%.

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I will come with new and exciting way to earn money at home.

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Best Site For Cloud Mining Cex.io

Bitcoin Mining is most advance earning technique now these days. Every one want to mine BTC. Now i am sharing a great site of Cloud mining.

Register Here For Cloud Mining:

BTC Addresses:

SignIn to your account and Click on Balance Button. There is  your Bitcoin (BTC), LTC, NMC, IXE, DVC Address. Copy these address and save in your drive and use where you are earning your Bitcoins. i.e Bitco.in .

I am sharing this video with you . This video have all the details about Cloud Mining. This video is very informative.

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Withdraw BTC with OKPay in Pakistan

Now these days most of people are earning BTC's but they are getting problem when they want to withdraw their BTC's. Today i am solving your problem.

First of all

Register here:

Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.

 After registration log in Your OKpay Account.
At Right side Under Operations Click on Add Money.

Here is all payment systems are available.
Today i am telling about Bitcoin or BTC.

  • Click on Add Fund.
  • Click on Create Address.
  • Generate New bitcoin Address Appears.
  • Select Wallet/Currency which you want to select. I prefer USD.

  • your wallet is Created and your Bitcoin Address is showing copy this adddress and Request all Bitcoin Payments on Your Bitcoin Address.

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Earn money with freebitcoin!!!without any investment!

1 bitcoin=800$+!!!

Check out my payment proof in my Wallet:   

Registration Procedure:

  • 1.        First Click on Signup Button Below.


  • 2.      Click on (Don’t have a Bitcoin address?)

  • 3.      New window appears Bit Coin Wallet.

  •         Fill your details and click on (Create Wallet!) Button.

  •     Check your e-mail you will receive an e-mail from (Blockchain).

  • 6.      In this e-mail click on verification Link.

  • 7.      Enter your password and click on Open Wallet Button.

  •      Copy your Bitcoin Address and again click on Signup Button.

  •         Paste in Your Bitcoin Adress , Enter your Password and Enter your e-mail and click on Signup! Button

  • 9   Now you finish Registration.

  • From this you can earn bitcoins every hour

    Second option:

    After winning some bitcoins just select Multiply BTC tab
    And Bet Hi or Bet Low after choosing
     betting amount
    They will pay you on every monday
    The minimum
     payout is 0.00005460 BTC
    I am earning 0.0001 every day!
    Now its your time...So hurry up!

    WithDraw From your Wallet

    If  You want to withdraw your payments with OKPay.

    Click Me:

    Click Here to Register on OK PAY

    Sign up for OKPAY and start accepting payments instantly.
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    New Way To Make Money With Coin Generation In Pakistan 2013

    Earn Just Install Software and Leave it Running in Background

    Page is called Digital Generation. It's purpose is, to create a super computer that consists of home computers. These computers are calculating and resolving daily operations (scripts) about environment, weather, biosphere, universe...

    You can participate with your own CPU power and in exchange you get some money. In order to receive scripts and get paid, you need to buy at least one 50$ thread that lasts for 1 year and brings you 1$ a day if your PC is online for 24 hours.
    Here are step by step instructions how to get a free one month trial thread:

    1. Sign up / Register at their website.

    2. After you are logged in, go to Personal/Profile and enter your phone number, where you will receive an SMS. After you receive an SMS with 5 digits, you send only those 5 digits to one of these numbers: +447937946882 or +19494840033 (I tried and used a reply to SMS, but it didn't work, so I had to create a NEW SMS). You have now received one free trial thread. :)

    3. Now that you are verified, click Download on their site or here to get a software called Thread manager. Install it.

    4. Requirements that you need in order to run Thread manager properly are:
    - Latest service pack for your Windows
    - .Net Framework 4.0
    - Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
    - Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

    5. Open thread manager and paste your token from website under section Personal/Profile into the application field token and then click Save token. If you cannot see that you own a thread already, then click Refresh button on application.

    6. You can withdraw your earning via webpage on:
    - Payza,
    - Perfect Money,
    - Paxum,
    - Egopay or
    - Direct Bank Withdraw.
    - Paypal will be soon available.

    Withdrawal limits are minimum 1$, so basically you can withdraw every day if you wish. Payments are done within minutes from request.
    If you request 50$ or more, then there will be some security questions and withdrawal will be manual and take a bit more time.
    Happy contributing in public good and earning!!

    For More Details Contact me:
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    Make Money With ShareCash

    This is might be the easiest way to make money with fun activities without need to spend some money to start. I think everyone already know about some website out there offering some cash for some download service. But have you heard someone make good money from these fun daily activities? Mostly traditional similar service wills giving you maximum $10 for 1,000 download but in
    ShareCash it’s growing to 60%, you will earn 20 to 60 cents per download!
    In simulation if your files get download at least 100 times daily and your download rate is $0.50 per download then you will earn $50 daily, in a month if this statistic stable you should earn $1,500.00 monthly… not bad 
    This is a fair rate I think; before we start we need a little strategy. First we may looking for hosting, find a wares hosting or hosting allowed you to linking a warez files then build your blog/website with information linked to this sharecash files. If you don’t want spend your money for hosting then just use some free hosting service out there! I’m not forced you’ll to buy hosting; it’s just an option to make a better organized files and information.
    Here are my tips and trick for people want to earn money easy money using ShareCash:

    1.     Upload files that people looking for/rare, usually this is a warez files or some important document or anything that will take people attention.
    2.     Promote your files in forum or social networking (facebook, MySpace, etc) or using SEO technique to get lot of viewer (NO SPAM, EVERYONE HATE SPAM).
    3.     If you’re limited by not allowed warez files, uploading a genuine files in sharecash then uploading the other files on rapidshare or some website with similar service.
    4.     Keep continue promoting and updated your file list.

    With this tips you should earn money at least $1-$unlimited daily! NO JOKE, everyone can reach this target as long they keep on focus. Now I believe people will asking is sharecash legit or scam? In my experience with them they already paid me 3 times with good amount so there is no scam.
    Minimum payout is $10 (it’s very low if compared with similar service) you will get paid when you reach this limit on 1st month then it will paid to your PayPal account on the middle of next month. Example you earn $5 in January, then $6 in February, You will get paid $11 on 15 March.

    Join This:

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